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For dedicated pet parents who want the best for                                           their canine.

Our Story

Passionate Patient & Pet Loving

 At Tails and Treats we understand that each and every animal is a very unique family member and therefore deserves very special attention. Our goal is to understand your pets specific needs and make training fun. We specialize in training methods that will aid with overall pet development.

Indoors and Outdoors 

From potty training to pet obedience, our unique methods familiarize your pet with multiple environments that include everything from your home to the local shopping center. Dog training environmental familiarity and in-home awareness and adaptation are the cornerstones of Tails and Treats unique training methods. 


Basic to advanced to make a well rounded dog.

Service Dogs

Made Just For You

And more!

From rehabilitation to agility, click to find out more.

Dog Training Services

Teach an elderly dog new tricks or a young dog old tricks. It is never too early or too late in animal development to train your pet. At Tails and Treats we make training fun, for the dog and the owner! We encourage the pet owner to be part of the process. We work in tandem with you and your animal to insure a highly successful outcome. We take great pride in our high success rate and level of client satisfaction. At Tails and Treats each and every pet graduates a happy pet. 

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