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Basic to Advanced Obedience

At Tails and Treats, we insure that your animal is trained in a safe and caring environment. We are used to working in a variety of situations depending on the needs of you and your pet. Tails and Treats offers multiple packages that can be customized to suit the needs of your animal. Our classes include field trips with outdoor specialized training.

Basic Obedience

Basic cues without distractions along with simple problem solving.

  • Look at me

  • Recall

  • Sit

  • Down

Introduction to​

  • Stay

  • Proper greetings

  • Heel


  • Strengthen previously learned cues.

  • Fast, slow and normal pace heelwork.

  • Automatic sit

  • Drop it

  • Leave it

  • Drop from heel

  • Desensitization

  • Introductory class to a specialization.

Trick Class

  • Strengthen previously learned cues.

  • Pick things up

  • Carry buckets

  • Gentle

  • Back

  • High five

  • Classes that focus on chosen specialization.

Able to receive trick dog title.​

 Advanced Obedience

  • Strengthen previously learned cues.

  • Eliminate on cue

  • Cues from a distance

  • Off leash in high distractions

  • More than half of the classes focus on chosen specialization.

Able to receive chosen title.​