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Introducing The Head Harness

April 26, 2017

A head harness can be a great tool to assist you in redirecting your dog's attention, reteaching your dog to walk and teaching them to yield to pressure. There are quite a few brands to choose from but the more prominent ones include Halti and Gentle Leader. Introducing the harness correctly is the difference between a well-mannered dog and a dog that paws at the harness every step.


Step 1: Equip yourself with quite a few small pieces of treats as you will need a lot.


Step 2: Start off by holding the head loop and the nose loop together to create one loop. Hold a treat directly in the middle of the loop, let the dog eat the treat along with praise.


Step 3: Hold the treat on the other side of the loop then the dog and slowly move it further and further away asking the dog to finally put its entire nose through the loop.


Step 4: Repeat step 3 except this time let the loop rest on the dog's nose and feed treats and praise.


Step 5: After the dog is doing the above steps add a vocal command such as “Halti” or “Harness”.


Step 6: When the dog is following the vocal command for the treat, slip the head loop over the dog's head. Hint: Keep it loose so that it is easier to slip over the dog's head. Do not unbuckle the collar. When it is on feed treats and toss a few on the floor to keep the dog concentrated on treats. Take it off.


Step 7: Let the dog wear the harness in longer increments each time, always praise and use treats.


Step 8: Attach a light leash and do not jerk it. Gently apply a little bit of pressure until the dog turns its head and praise the moment its head turns.


Step 9: Stand in front of the dog and call it. When the dog runs towards you gently move to one side and apply gentle pressure until the dog turns its head.

Remember to use lots of treats and praise for each step!



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