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Tips for Potty Training

April 26, 2017

  1. Watch the puppy and if you are not watching the puppy make sure that it is in a crate. For the crate to be effective it has to be the right size and the puppy has to be crate trained. For more information on crate training check out my article about that.



  2. Do not use puppy pads inside the home as that is confusing to the puppy where in the home it can go potty.

  3. Keep a consistent schedule of feedings and potty times. After the puppy eats let it stay in its crate for 30 minutes. Take the puppy to go potty if it goes the puppy gets a treat. If not then back into the crate for another 15 minutes and try again.

  4. Use a word every time your puppy goes potty in the right place say something like “Go potty!” , “Do you business!”, or whatever you like. Follow the phrase with calm praise. After the puppy finishes offer a treat.

  5. Take your puppy to the same place to relieve themselves every time, this assists in the puppy going to the bathroom faster.

  6. Train your puppy to ring a bell every time they want to go out. This teaches them a way to tell you when they have to go.

Never punish your puppy for going to the bathroom in the wrong spot as this may teach the puppy to be scared to go in front of you making it even harder to potty train. Instead when you notice them relieving themselves say, “No no no no no!” Pick them up and carry them outside, praise them when they go potty.

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