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Happy as a Clam

"I got Nadja after being diagnosed with a form of diabetes. I am comfortable leaving the house now because I know she is always by my side to take care of me. Nadja is the best partner a girl could ask for!

Nadja's Handler

"Brutus is my service dog that has learned to help me when I am unable to get out of bed, by bringing me water and medicine. He can also help me with mobility if I get light headed or dizzy by lifting my legs or just comforting me. Brutus is a loyal companion, and has learned how to be attentive to my needs thanks to Katia’s help and training."

Abby Coachman

"I had an aggressive rescue who looked like he wanted to tear into everyone he saw. We used NILIF and he is like a new dog. The same loving personality inside and a loving personality outside as well! Thank you Katia!"

Payton Hillman